Take care

Keep your jewelry and fine ...
... Avoid all contact with water and moisture, even when you exercise.
... Store them in the bathroom, moisture and water accelerates wear and oxidation.
... Take off the jewelry when you lie
... Wait to take on them until after you have made the cream, perfume or hairspray to prevent discoloration.
... Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or otherwise prevents scratches.
... Just use a damp cloth to clean them. Strong detergents feel they are not well off.

* Are you taking care of your garments and handle them with care when washing, they look pretty and keep a long time.
* Garments with additional details to be nurtured carefully. In many cases it is best to hand washing machine which may damage the garments and also vice versa. When machine washing always remove the detachable parts before washing. Wash inside out and, if possible, even in the laundry bag. Please be extra careful when using to avoid specifics loosening or damaging other products.
* Avoid tumble
Drip or flat dry your garments as far as possible instead of tumble drying.
* Softener
Avoid fabric softeners as they wear out elastane and contributes to increased chemical use in households. There are also more chemicals for water treatment plants to take care of.

Viscose and other synstetplagg.
Viskosplagg and viskosblandade garments will shrink slightly after washing. It is important to remember to stretch the garment and also remove it with steam to recover original shape and large played.

The best thing is to air the wool program and ullblandade garments as these are sensitive to washing. The humid air is cleaned wool best. If the garment is washed, it is important to be cautious and to use mild detergent. Remember to use wool / fintvättprogrammet the mask innen or wash by hand. Knit garments may lose their shape after washing and drying of these errors. Do not wring out your clothes without presa out excess water. Remember to always stretch the garment after washing and dry flat to maintain the original shape.

Chiffon Material Hand wash.
No fabric softener.

Use enzyme-free silk detergent. No fabric softener.

Extend use.
Consider donating your old clothes recycle or to charities when you are not using them, thus prolong the life of your garments. Do not forget that you can also cook or sew on your old garments. A good way to make your garments more personal!